ESSENCIA Sidelock Side-by-Side Shotgun

About the Essencia Sidelock Side-by-Side Shotgun

The Essencia series’ sidelock shotguns are a highlight for traditionalists, internationally successful. With their pure elegance, first-class craftsmanship and proven technology, these masterpieces of the art of gunmaking fall into the same category as the highly coveted “best” English or Italian guns.

The genuine back action sidelocks and triggers are gold plated, while the color-case hardened receiver is engraved with English scrolls. The elegant round body action and the Holland & Holland style ejectors ensure responsiveness and easy handling. The Essencia is available as side-by-side shotgun or single shot rifle.


Additional Information

Standard Side-by-Side Shotgun Features:
  • Round-bodied steel receiver
  • Sidelocks with a Purdey-style third fastener, double barrel-hook lock-up and ejectors
  • Fine English scroll engraving with gold accented inlays
  • Color case-hardened finish
  • Choice of straight-grip or Prince-of-Wales pistol grip stock
  • Wood category 003 with traditional Tru-Oil finish
  • Gun will be delivered in an exclusive leather hard case
Essencia 12 Caliber 12/70, barrel length 28″, 30″
Weight*: ca. 3 kg
Essencia 20 Caliber 20/76, barrel length 27″, 28″, 30″
Caliber 16/70, barrel length 28″
Caliber 16/70, barrel length 30″
Caliber 28/76, barrel length 28″, 30″
Weight*: ca. 2.9 kg
Essencia 28 Caliber 28/76, barrel length 71 cm (28″), 76 cm (30″)
Caliber .410/76, barrel length 71 cm (28″)
Weight*: ca. 2.75 kg*depending on barrel length, caliber and density of stock wood
Additional Features:
  • Interchangable barrels for 20 gauge frame:
    • 20 gauge barrel; without forearm
    • 16 gauge barrel; barrel length: 71 cm (28″) including forearm
    • 16 gauge barrel; barrel length: 76 cm (30″) including forearm
    • 28 gauge barrel; with forearm
  • Interchangable barrels for 28 gauge frame:
    • 28 gauge barrel; without forearm
    • 410/76 gauge barrel; barrel length: 71 cm (28″) including forearm
  • Optional single trigger
  • Individual custom engravings and custom features on request