AutoClay 320

autoclay-320-zoomThe AutoClay 320 - culminating nearly 20 years of refinement, is an exceptionally well engineered clay pigeon trap; incorporating a unique clay target feeding system.

This one machine is designed to enable all shooting disciplines, from Sporting Targets to Skeet Shooting, DTL to ABT with Acorn’s optional Modular Upgrades.

Striking the optimal balance between durability and portability while maintaining superior performance over its equivalently priced competitors; the AutoClay is Acorn’s answer to the heavy-use commercial trap.

Undergoing refinement and evolution since its first version over 20 years ago, this world-class proven design is an exceptionally well-engineered piece of equipment. Do not settle for sub-par copies or cheap imitations.

While being statistically superior when compared to its similarly priced competitors in areas such as launch distance, battery longevity, total mass, versatility, and handling; the AutoClay 320 is living proof of the engineering concept of “less is more” wherein engineering prowess and ingenuity is used in place of “just using more metal” to provide strength, durability and rigidity. This leads to a beautifully efficient, relatively lightweight, balanced and practical solution for the discerning buyer. The AutoClay 320 stands out from its cumbersome counterparts as the clear choice for clubs and advanced shooters who want a decent dependable trap without breaking the bank or indeed their backs!

In summary, the AutoClay is the physical manifestation of “the best of both worlds” providing the benefits and performance associated with high-end traps but with the reasonable price tag of mid ranges, and all without compromising on performance - another testament to the brilliant British engineers behind its creation.

Unique features that you won’t find elsewhere include Acorn’s omnidirectional design feature, allowing your machine(s) to be assembled either as clockwise or counterclockwise cycling, at no extra cost and according to your personal preference. Two oppositely set machines side by side, such as on our unique dual-mount Duplex Base module, gives beautiful converging or diverging flight arcs, which better simulate driven birds and provide a novel and exiting shooting experience.

Launching Range - Despite requiring less tension in the spring for the same or better launch distance than other traps of its class, the AutoClay's efficient mechanism and well-refined weight-ratios yield exceptional ranges - while being fully adjustable. This means the potential increases in range by stepping up the spring rating is much greater than that which is achievable with its competitors. Dare to use the legendary Red Spring?

Versatility - An intrinsic element of the AutoClay's design is its ability to be used with a whole host of modular upgrades, giving this one trap the ability to support all shooting disciplines as well as any intended use cycle. Such modules include the vertical lift mod, the oscillating base, the tilt base (for high teal targets) and the multiple carousel options or the singular carousel column conversion inserts.

Reliability - It was agreed early-on that minimising operational and maintenance requirements are among the foremost elements forming the ultimate clay trap. With this in mind, the design of the AC320 is centred around elegance and simplicity, and therefore minimising the chance of failure or malfunction. An added side effect of such design characteristics is ease of use, good handling, efficient use of energy, and reduced material requirements.

Portability - While the AC320 is probably the most manually portable of all traps in its class, we nevertheless recognise the value of wheeled mobility upgrades. We offer a multitude of transport and manoeuvrability options ranging from a simple integrated hand trolley, to a road-worthy triple mount game trailer, which mounts a total of three AutoClay units on a self contained trailer unit. Also available is a ruggedised single-mount ATV trailer which has the option of being daisy-chained together to form our Quad Train system for easy deployment and retrieval of multiple traps.

Durability - The AutoClay is constructed of high quality steel which has been treated to withstand the onslught of the elements and is designed for heavy everyday use. Certain wear points such as the friction strip of the launch arm are easily replaced, with a typical lifecycle of 3-5 years. Additionally, lifetime technical support is available for all our traps including all discontinued models.

This one machine is designed to enable all shooting disciplines, from Sporting Targets to Skeet Shooting, DTL to ABT with Acorn’s optional Modular Upgrades.

The detachable Carousel which can feed Standard, Midi and Mini clays using our Modular Inserts allows any desired stack sequence and can even be attached or removed when laden with clays.

With a cycle time of 1.5 seconds and over 100 metre throwing range, while being light in construction and totally portable, the AutoClay 320 is an ideal trap for clubs that want a challenging and reliable target variation whilst maintaining ease of operation and handling.

For the ultimate clay shooting challenge and ease of transportation see the AutoClay 320 ABT Quad trailer package.

Quality and Safety Built-in as Standard

With safety being top priority with all our clay pigeon traps each machine is supplied with safety guards and a remote on/off disarm switch. All Acorn Clay Pigeon Traps comply with RoHS, WEEE Directive and CE regulation for safe use and environmental protection.

Top Features:
  • Now available in left or right handed versions at no extra cost
  • Good session lengths - holds up to 320 targets
  • Strong solid design
  • Easily portable: Unit weight 36Kg
  • Challenging range throws up to 100 metres
  • Fast cycling (1.5 seconds)
Full Specification:
  • Good session lengths - holds up to 320 targets
  • Trap controls safely mounted on a remote lead
  • Power - 12 Volt DC
  • Smooth action and power economy through three-quarter cocking system
  • Jam-free, all weather target separator
  • Soft fall-plate design to prevent clay breakages
  • Easily portable: Unit weight 36Kg
  • Fast cycling (1.5 seconds)
  • Carousel extension available
  • Adjustable from low "grass cutters" to "high teal"
  • Challenging range up to 100 metres
  • Electro plated for corrosion resistance
  • Midi/Mini carousel inserts available
  • Safety guards included
  • 12 month warranty