AutoClay 65

The AutoClay 65 is an outstanding high performance trap and is the ideal machine for home practice, coaching and small clubs looking for that unusual testing target.

This trap features an in-built Variak™ that randomly hooks and slices the target, simulating DTL. The AutoClay 65 also has a high looping capability with a fast cycling time of 0.8 seconds and a range of 100 metres.

Top Features:
  • Variak™ target movement
  • One-person operation with hand / foot switch
  • Good session lengths - holds up to 65 targets (hopper extension available)
  • Extremely portable: Unit weight 20Kg
  • Challenging range throws up to 100 metres
  • Fast cycling (0.8 seconds)
  • Minimum target breakages with soft fall plate design
Full Specification:
  • Good session lengths - holds up to 65 targets
  • Power - 12 Volt DC
  • Smooth action and power economy through three-quarter cocking system
  • Adjustable from low "grass cutters" to "high teal"
  • Jam-free, all weather target separator
  • Steel construction – Electro-plated for corrosion protection
  • Hopper extension available taking the clay capacity to 85 targets
  • Challenging range up to 100 metres
  • Height 970mm, Length 600mm, Width 960mm
  • Safety guards included
  • 12 month warranty