Here at Clay & Hunt we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Listen to what our customers have to say:

"Thank you both Sox and Renae very much for staying back last Friday night to go through the pilla options with me Renae, you did an outstanding job of understanding what I required and how to fit the product to my individual particulars It means a great deal to me to improve my upcoming shooting abilities, with your help and understanding my vision has improved 10 fold, (just by shooting on Sunday afternoon) I am new to the sport, thanks to mike setting up the contact with you guys and knowing/believing what I needed in order to help me achieve great results in the future.

Ryan Miller - 2 March 2016

"Thanks Renae Birgan and Socrates Piliapasidis for your fantastic hospitality and for supplying me with a loan gun and my preferred Hull cartridges. Great to visit your new warehouse and I can see what a super facility it is going to be. Can't wait to come back!"

Ed Solomans, 2014 World FITASC Champion - 4 January 2016