Outlaw X6 Series

The Outlaw X6 Series for Shooting Sports is powered by ZEISS VIVX lenses and is certified to be a perfect optical instrument. The front bar has been taken out of the frame so the visual site picture is unobstructed, without any imperfection or visual disruption.

The Outlaw X6 Series incorporates the unique counter balancing temple geometry to reduce all felt weight on the bridge of the nose. The temple arms are intentionally designed to wrap the head.

The temples can be manually adjusted by forming the temple tips to contour the shooters head. The better the form fit to the head, the better the counter balance in weight distribution works.

The temple design allows for extremely quick changing of the lens, to maximize the performance of the product in any lighting condition.

Left - Outlaw X6 Right – Outlaw X7

The Outlaw Series is offered in two different models - The Outlaw X6 and the Outlaw X7. The frame technology is identical with the only difference being the amount of wrap provided. The Outlaw X7 provides more wrap but is a smaller temple-to-temple size (10mm difference between models).

For a guide, the Outlaw X6 is for a medium to large head size and the Outlaw X7 is for a small to medium head size.

Please note: Lenses and frames do not interchanged between the Outlaw X models.

NEW Outlaw X Lens  271.818 AUD