Waterfowl Chokes

When Jimmy Muller set out to develop his line of Waterfowl Chokes, he had one goal in mind: To develop ONE style choke tube to outperform every choke tube on the market REGARDLESS of the hunter’s choice of ammo. He did it.

Muller Waterfowl Chokes have been field tested by avid outdoorsmen from Saskatchewan to regions of Patagonia. The results speak for themselves.

Muller™ Waterfowl Chokes will out pattern any other choke using ITX, Hevi-shot, Tungsten, Tungsten matrix, Bismuth, tungsten Iron, Flight stopper, Federal Black Cloud, Winchester Blind side and all brands, shot sizes and velocities of Steel.

Other Muller Waterfowl Choke Tube features include proprietary matte-black exterior finish and 8 finger-grooves for quick and easy choke changes—no more choke wrenches.