Trumpf Drilling

About the Krieghoff Trumpf

Only a few gun manufacturers have preserved the knowledge of building classical hunting guns with traditional methods. We are proud of the model Trumpf which enjoy high appreciation among hunters for whom exclusivity is not a matter of vanity.

The completely manual production of these guns is a testament to the craftsmanship of the classic art of gunmaking, which has today become a rarity. The entire repertoire of this ancient craftsmanship is demonstrated here: from the border decoration on the barrels to the perfect stock and the meticulous engravings. The guns created in this manner fill connoisseurs with enthusiasm and reflect a knowledge that has become a rarity in the history of gunmaking for hunters. Sophisticated technics and aesthetics gear into each other as the expression of fine gunsmithing which is the philosophy of these weapons.


Available Krieghoff Trumpf Models

Trumpf Drilling | Trumpf Double Rifle Drilling