“Big Five” Double Rifle

About the Classic “Big Five” S-b-S Double Rifle

It is the ultimate African adventure, the quest for the “Big Five”. And it is forever connected with side-by-side rifles, a classic configuration which bespeaks superb handling and ultimate reliability. Krieghoff has the rifle to meet the challenge: The CLASSIC “Big Five”. It was designed in conjunction with professional hunters and safari experts specifically for hunting dangerous game. Calibers available range from .375 Flanged Magnum to .500 Nitro Express – the most effective on dangerous game and the choice of professional hunters.




classic bigfive

Specifications and Options

Standard “Big Five” Side by Side Double Rifle Features:
  • Articulated front trigger without set trigger device
  • Slim compact steel action with reinforced sidewalls for extra strength
  • Standard border line engraving
  • Ergonomically shaped Kickspanner manual cocking device providing safe and simple operation
  • Automatic hammer safety to prevent the Classic from firing unless it is fully closed
  • Short opening angle for fast, easy loading
  • Purdey style extension between the barrels and the face of the standing breech to withstand lateral bending forces in addition to the broad, massive underlugs
  • Virtually horizontal firing pin placement for error-free firing and fast lock-time
  • Sliding, self-adjusting wedge for durable secure bolting
  • Broad, massive underlugs to withstand wear and provide optimal seating of the underlug in the action
  • Reliable ejector
  • Front plate for pivot bridge mount
  • Steel trigger floor plate and steel trigger guard
  • Nickel plated receiver finish
  • Special weighted stock-bolt for optimum weight and balance
  • V-Shaped rear sight with bead front sight
  • Quick detachable sling swivels
  • Muzzle adjustment (only available up to .375)
  • Standard wood
  • Right-handed “Big Five” stock incl. “Old English” rubber recoil pad in black and “Schnabel” forearm
  • Will be delivered in the Krieghoff GunPack
Standard Calibers: .375 Flanged Mag. N.E., .375 H&H Mag., .450/.400 N.E.,
.500/.416 N.E. (3 ¼”), .470 N.E., .500 N.E. (3″)
Barrel Length: 24″
Weight: Approximately 8 lbs
Additional Features:
  • Intelligent Ejector System (IES)
  • De-Setting-Device
  • Single combination trigger (only available up to .375)
  • Krieghoff see through sight
  • Folding and express sights
  • Spring loaded extractor claws for rimless rifle cartridges
  • BreaKO recoil reducer
  • Interchangeable choke tubes
  • Scope mounts
  • “PH-ProCoating” (corrosion resistant Ilaflon-Coating for barrel)
  • Interchangable barrels: Double rifle, “Big Five” double rifle, side-by-side rifle/shotgun combination and side-by-side shotgunide shotgun
  • Blued or nitrided action finish
Configuration Options:
  • Standard engravings with or without side plates
  • Stocks: Upgraded wood, hand made custom stock, special stock design and different recoil pads
  • Exclusive Options: Façon Exclusive, handrubbed stock finish and stock carvings
  • Monograms: Can be engraved into a separate steel plate, which is fitted into the pistol grip of the rear stock or the monogram can be integrated into the top lever or the trigger guard
  • Internal lock parts nickel plated or gold plated, trigger gold plated or trigger titanium nitrated (gold color appearance)
Further standard engraving motifs, and standard features see price list as well as individual custom engravings and custom features on request.