K-20 Sporter

About the K-20 Sporter

The K-20 Sporter features a twenty gauge frame which has been conceived and designed with the small gauge competition and wingshooter in mind. It is beautifully balanced and quick handling, but it has enough weight to absorb recoil and swing smoothly even at the end of a long day on the course or in the field.

The K-20 Sporter can be fit with 28 gauge and .410 barrels to make a two or three barrel set for competition, bird shooting or pure small bore enjoyment!

The K-20 Sporter gives you all of the advantages of the K-80 in a package that is ready for the course or the field.


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Specifications and Options

Gauge: 20ga/3″ chamber, 28ga/3″ chamber, 410/3″ chamber
The K-20 is available in all three gauges as a single gun, or in any multi-barrel and multi-gauge combinations.
Barrels: 20ga/3″ 30″, choke tubes, tapered flat rib20ga/3″ 32″, choke tubes, tapered flat rib28ga/3″ 30″, choke tubes, tapered flat rib28ga/3" 32″, choke tubes, tapered flat rib.410/3″ 30″, choke tubes, tapered flat rib .410/3″ 32″, choke tubes, tapered flat rib
Chokes: Choke Tubes (CT) bottom and top, 5 included.
Available are Cylinder (C), Skeet (S), Improved Cylinder (IC), Light Modified (LM), Modified (M), Light Improved Modified (LIM), Improved Modified (IM), Full (F). Full choke is not available in .410Titanium Choke Tubes for the K-20 now available!
Sights: White pearl front bead and metal center bead.
Action: Case hardened, nickel plated steel with satin grey finish.
Trigger: Single selective mechanical trigger, adjustable for finger length.
Trigger pull: Approximately 3-1/2 to 4 lbs.
Safety: Top tang push button safety. Can be locked in “off“ position.
Stock: Hand-checkered select European walnut with satin epoxy finish.
Standard stocks are: # 3 Sporting/International Skeet. # 9 Skeet/Field.
Forearm: Standard: #7 Schnabel.
Grade/Engraving: Standard is classic scroll engraving, similar to the K-80.
Complete range of engraving-patterns shown for the K-80 is available.
Weight: Approximately 7 1/2 lbs.
Case: All K-20s come in a fitted hard case.  Check with your authorized dealer for multi barrel options.